FAQs - Rare Things



Rare Things is a global marketplace of goods produced by world-class artisans and makers. We call these people Creatives. When you shop on Rare Things, you are directly supporting an independent creative who designs, creates, and produces highly unique items that are quite often (literally) one-of-a-kind. Each item on Rare Things is listed and sold to you directly by a Creative. There’s no Rare Things warehouse. Creatives manage their own orders and inventory, while we provide excellent customer support to you.

How do you select Creatives on Rare Things?

Creatives on Rare Things are chosen for their (a) deep craftsmanship and (b) authentic stories. We partner with a wide range of artisans and makers – expert ceramicists, jewelry artists, woodworkers, metalsmiths, textile artists, leather crafters, furniture designers, seamstresses and tailors, and more – that have each chosen to dedicate tens of thousands of hours to their craft.

Can I submit a new Creative on Rare Things?

Yes! We love community submissions. You can submit a creative to us using this link. Please note submissions need to be reviewed and approved by the Rare Things team before we list the creative on the platform. If you submit a new Creative that is accepted, we'll send you a special gift as appreciation 😊

What's the status of my order?

While you can expect to receive most orders on Rare Things within 14 days, some Creatives produce items that are made to order or have longer lead times. You can email orders@rarethings.co to check in on the status of your order.

Can I cancel an order?

Only Creatives may cancel transactions. Shoppers may request that a Creative cancel an order by emailing orders@rarethings.co. All cancellation requests must be sent within 24 hours of purchase.

How do I return an item?

Each Creative has their own return policies, and not all Creatives accept returns. If you would like to make a return, please email returns@rarethings.co and include a short description on why you'd like to return it. All return requests must be sent within 7 days of receiving the item.

Don't worry – you will always be able to get a full refund if the item you received is not as described, or if you did not receive an item to your shipping address, no matter what the Creative's return policy is. In the rare case this has happened, please email help@rarethings.co.


How do I get onto Rare Things?

We are very intentional about bringing new Creatives onto Rare Things. If you're interested, you can apply here. We prioritize applicants who have been referred by existing Creatives on Rare Things, so please include your Creative referral code if you have one.

What is the selection criteria for Creatives?

Creatives on Rare Things are chosen for their (a) deep craftsmanship and (b) authentic stories. When applying, please include a link to your online shop and any relevant social media accounts that communicates your brand and ethos. We especially love it when applicants share words, images, or video about their creative process, studios and workshops, and personal background!

What are the fees for selling on Rare Things?

Rare Things takes a 15% commission on sales. There are no sign up or ongoing listing fees – we only win when you win. Creatives on Rare Things have the opportunity to reduce their sales commission rate from 15% down to 0% through our Creative Referral Program. For every 10 new Creatives that apply to Rare Things who you've referred, we reduce your sales commission by 3%. You will get this commission reduction even if your referrals are not ultimately accepted – you'll get credit as long as they apply.

How do I add or change content on my page?

Please email creatives@rarethings.co if you'd like to add or change content on your Rare Things Creative Page (e.g. videos, studio photos, description). If you'd like to add or edit the products listed on your Rare Things page, please see the below questions.

Can I import products from Shopify?

Yes! We've recently built a product inventory integration with Shopify. Your product inventory and information will now automatically stay in sync as you make updates in Shopify.

Can I import products from Squarespace, WooCommerce, etc?

Yes! You can export your product inventory as a CSV file and we'll import it onto Rare Things for you. If you'd like to update your product inventory, please email creatives@rarethings.co with your CSV file. We're working on an additional integration so products automatically stay in sync.

How will I receive orders?

You will receive orders from Rare Things on your existing e-commerce website dashboard coming from orders@rarethings.co with all of the relevant customer and shipping information.

If you do not have an existing e-commerce website that you take online orders from, you will receive email order notifications from orders@rarethings.co with the relevant customer and shipping information.

Can I do a Studio Visit interview?

Of course! If you'd like to do a Studio Visit interview for your Rare Things Creative Page, please email creatives@rarethings.co and we'll set that up. We can do a 30 minute Zoom call or send over a list of interview questions that you can answer yourself via voice recording.