Our Mission - Rare Things

Our Mission

A creative renaissance is underway, but shopping on the internet is stuck in 2005.

Millions of small business owners around the world have spent tens of thousands of hours honing their craft, bringing delightful products into our daily lives, and creating value in our economy – yet the odds are stacked against them when selling their goods online.

The contemporary creative class does not have the storytelling tools to properly convey the deep craft that goes into their work, which leads to immediate price comparison shopping and reduces the value of their goods.

We believe these individuals and collectives – who often produce their products in a more sustainable and ethical manner – should be celebrated and rewarded for their human talents in our culture and in our marketplaces.

We also believe modern consumers want to shop more thoughtfully – by buying high-quality items from real people with authentic stories.

And we're on a mission to make that happen.